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SAW RESULTS WITHIN THREE DAYS “I received my order on a Saturday and decided to wait until Monday to put on my first Vigorgen patch. You may not believe this, but by Thursday I started to see a difference, and so did my girlfriend. I'm on my third patch now, and making continual progress. Thank you,
- Doug K., computer programmer, Metairie, LA.
THANKS FOR HER NEW MAN “I ordered your product behind my husband's back and fought like the devil to get him to put on the first patch. Within four days he was asking me for another patch. Thank you, thank you for my ‘new’ man!”
- Jane T, Dubuque, IA
NOW FEELS LIKE A STUD “For the first time in my forty-two years of life I actually feel like a ‘stud’. I stand in front of the mirror admiring my ‘new penis’ and say ‘Hot damn! Life is good!!’”
- George R, 42, mechanic, Seattle, WA
WEEK FIVE AND STILL GROWING “There seems to be no end to the miraculous results. I'm on my third set of Vigorgen patches and I'm still growing… even after adding almost two inches. Does it ever reach a stopping point?”
- Kenneth G, 31, Machinist, Biloxi, MS
MORE POWERFUL ERECTIONS “May be it's because of the increased length and girth, but my erections are harder and longer-lasting as a result of your Vigorgen patch. Thank you, your product has changed my life!”
- Rodney S, auto worker, Detroit, MI
"I've been using your product for 2 months now. I've increased my length from 6" to nearly 8-1/2". Your product has helped me give a little extra to the love in my life."
- W.B., Washington, D.C.
"My girlfriend loves the results, but she doesn't know what I do. She thinks it's natural, so help me!"
- T.M., Oklahoma

Vigorgen Patch


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